Driving Lessons For Automatic Cars

The popularity of manually driven vehicles in the UK is fading away. This is due to the arrival of automatic transmission cars and electric cars which are easier and more flexible to drive.

Automatic CarWith an automatic, the car looks after the gear change so that’s a task the driver no longer has to keep in mind. Electric vehicles don’t use gears so when you press on the accelerator, the car motor just turns faster. Again, this removes the need for the driver to think about when to change gear.

Most of the driving schools in UK have instructors who are specialized in teaching learners how to drive automatic cars. Depending on your availability and budget, you can either choose to enrol for a crash course or choose to take regular driving lessons .

Here in the UK, people are paying more attention to the car they will be driving in the future, when applying for a driving licence. There is a rise in demand for automatic driving lessons. In fact, for vehicles weighing over 3,500kg, you can get either the category B or category B-auto driving licence depending on the course you take.

Handling an automatic gear box is never the same as operating a manual gear box, so being certified to drive an automatic does not mean you are certified to also drive manual transmission cars (i.e. ones with manual gearboxes) – you would need to pass a separate driving test for that.

Driving Standards Authority (DSA) approved automatic instructors will get anyone through a well-structured classroom lesson before venturing onto the road for a driving lesson. It should be noted that students undertaking automatic car lessons not only learn basic driving skills but also become acquainted with the simple mechanics of an automatic car.

Important Things To Note About Automatic Driving Lessons

1. They Are Simpler Than Manual Lessons

If you had already passed your manual driving test sometime back, the automatic lessons will prove to be easier for you. But if you are a first time driver, it will not be that easy. In fact, statistics from many UK driving schools show that people are faster learning how to use automatic gears than manual gears.

2. They Are Relatively Costly

Because of the continuous and rising demand for these lessons, coupled with the shortage of automatic car driving instructors, these lessons tend to be more expensive than manual car driving lessons. Even though both the automatic and manual car lessons take the same time, making a booking with one of the driving schools for auto lessons is expensive. This is just because of the huge demand from people requesting the service.

3. Your Licence May Be Restricted

After successfully finishing your lessons, you’ll apply for your licence and registration. Unfortunately, your licence will be restricted. This means that you will only be allowed to drive automatic cars because driving a manual car is different from driving an automatic. Nevertheless, if you can take your practical test using both types of vehicles, your licence won’t be restricted.

When enrolling for automatic driving lesson please ensure that you take your practical lessons using both auto and manual cars so that you can be flexible enough to drive either type of vehicle.

Both Crash And Full Time Lesson Programs Are Available

Just like manual car lessons, there is an opportunity for you to enroll for crash course lesson programs if you are on a tight schedule. Talk to the driving school you’re interested in enrolling with to see of they offer such an option. Choosing any option depends entirely on your flexibility and diligence.

Benefits Of Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Car Gear ShiftBoth theory in the classroom and practical on-road lessons are easy to learn. The practical lessons are not intensive because there clutch and gear-changing is not required. But keep in mind that the manual practical lessons are important.

If you don’t intend to drive vehicles weighing over 3,500kg, automatic car driving lessons will probably suit you best. Once you have completed your lessons and you’ve acquire your licence, there are a lot of modern and stylish cars you can drive.

Quite a number of driving schools offer automatic car driving lessons but choosing the right school may be tricky. Before enrolling with a particular school, consider the costs involved, convenience and the quality of services offered. Automatic car driving lessons are important especially for those nervous drivers who cannot handle the gears and clutch appropriately.